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I would like to create a map where i can see points moving. I have table of points for example with a date column,

A 01/01/2012
B 02/01/2012
C 03/01/2012 
D 04/01/2012
E 05/01/2012
F 06/01/2012

I would like to show them date after date ( 01/01/2012, 02/01/2012...): First screen we will see only the point A, second screen will show us B ...

How can we do it? I am using QGIS and Mapinfo.

thank you

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That's possible using QGIS Time Manager plugin.

It will be necessary to convert the timestamps to YYYY-MM-DD format first though.

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thank you underdark ! – YassineGeoma Mar 30 '12 at 12:27

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