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all, I want to use openlayers with mapserver to create map of stars. but I dont know how to setting up the WMS config in mapserver , especially the EPSG re-projection things. In fact, I didnt any re-projection, and I just want to mapserver provide WMS and communicate with openlayers.

anyone can give some advice?

many thanks zzz

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In case you want your mapserver to provide WMS layer, which is reprojected on the fly you will require GDAL to be configured with your MapServer. If you are on windows a simple solution is installing MS4W. Now your mapfile definition could be as simple as follows:

        NAME USA
        STATUS ON
        SIZE 800 500
        IMAGECOLOR 240 240 240
        SHAPEPATH "/var/www/html/data"
        UNITS dd
      # The projection object is typically used within the map and the layer
      # objects. You only define it once within the map object and this definition
      # becomes your output projection--MapServer will render your maps in this
      # projection.  You also use the projection object within the layer object to 
      # define your input projection.  Your layers can be in different 
      # projections--MapServer will reproject them into your output projection.
            IMAGEPATH "/var/www/html/tmp/"
            IMAGEURL "/tmp/"

            NAME "US state boundaries"
            TYPE POLYGON
            STATUS ON
            DATA "statesp020"
                # projection for the Continental U.S.
                NAME "US states"
                OUTLINECOLOR 60 60 60
                COLOR 255 255 0
                SYMBOL 0

Here your input projection is Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area (for US state boundaries layer) and your output is geographic (latlong) projection using the WGS84 datum

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Works! Thanks a lot! In fact, I just put PROJECTION "init=epsg:4326" END – zzz May 2 '12 at 5:40
@zzz If it solves your requirement you can accept the answer. – thelastray May 2 '12 at 6:45

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