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I need to create a design for a spatial database. I've found this list, but it seems to me that this software is orientated towards a regular (not spatial) DB design.

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I think you can try this one ...and here ( ) you can find how to install the geo module. We hope will soon be aligned to the new release of postgis 2.0.

hope I've given you some good advice I wish you good work!

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Thank you! Seems it is the right and free(!) tool! Too bad that they do not provide x86_64 versions since 1.3.2... – SS_Rebelious Apr 7 '12 at 15:26

yes, you are true. all database modeler which you had given is for normal databases. but in a gis conference i have heard that Sybase PowerDesigner tool has spatial support for modeling databases. i dont use it but there is some information here. TECHNOLOGY OF GENERATING SPATIAL DATABASE BY USING POWERDESIGNER.

i hope it helps you

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I use the 'PostGIS Manager' plugin in QGIS (in addition to pgAdmin III.) It performs quite a few handy tasks such as writing triggers to calculate areas of polygons on create and update.

On edit: Somehow I failed to notice that your question focused on 'design'. So this answer might not be as useful. Then again, "Spatial is not special."

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