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How to visualize grd files in the software QGIS?

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i think that you can visualize a grd file (ie a grid file) as a raster layer. if you try the menu layer add raster then you will fin several types of grid files. i my case i opened golden software grid (with extension grd) with this menu. After that if the file can be opened you can change the colors, choose a transparent color etc ... best regards

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There are several (slightly?) different formats with .grd extension, and QGIS can open only some of these. I don't know which format exactly is on Diva GIS, but I can't open it this way, as well as the guy who asked another question on this topic. – Pavel V. Apr 15 '14 at 17:51

There are at least two formats with .grd/.gri extension. One is Golden Software grid - GDAL can easily handle it, so simply open it through Add Raster Layer, as Didier Blavet suggested.

But there is also DIVA-GIS grid format. I found a maillist entry saying that only DIVA-GIS can open it. So you have basically two options: you can get and install DIVA, open the data in it and save them in a different format. Or you can find the same data in a different format. For example, elevation data provided in DIVA grid format on DIVA website are the same as those on SRTM.

Big thanks to Goyo from OSGeo community, 99% of my post is derived from what he wrote!

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