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Has anyone else noticed a problem getting OpenLayers to work within jsFiddle?

I can't see what's wrong with

or the others I've mentioned here:

But it's frustrating when they work fine as a static HTML document but not in a social, sharable format like jsFiddle.

EDIT: Don't assume that works and be cautious with using 100% widths/height on CSS for the map in jsFiddle.

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Two things are missing in your example: a call to init (it's defined but not called) and some styling to make the map height larger than zero. Here's a working example:

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Thanks @Alex - this helped considerably. Two jsFiddle quirks though. 1) I don't know why init() wasn't already being called from the <body> tag. 2) If the height/width are set in CSS to 100% it doesn't doesn't always display. I am still baffled by & but have managed (with your help) to get others working alright. – Mike Gifford Apr 10 '12 at 13:47

This is the way i do it.

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I played with this a bit essentially to split it up a bit more into html, css & javascript. It is working there, partly because the init() isn't called in your script. Thanks though. Useful to have this example too. – Mike Gifford Apr 10 '12 at 14:00

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