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Original Question: Where are the EOBrowser.exe & LibraryLocator.exe tools in the ArcGIS Desktop 10 > Developer Kit?

I went to use LibraryLocator.exe and couldn't find it now that I'm on ArcGIS Desktop 10. And that's when I realized there is no ArcGIS\DeveloperKit\Tools\ installed.

Do these exist in 10.0? Are they downloadable? Or is expected that we use the website (which is what I generally do anyway)? The fate of my SlickRun magic word for LibraryLocator.exe will be decided by the answers to this question.

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These are really not shipped with ArcGIS anymore. I've never really used the Library Locator that much anyway as I've found the help index to be a quicker way to look up which library an interface resides in.

As far as EOBrowser is concerned, the good old OleView.exe which shipped, for example, with VB6, does the trick just fine. On my system (VS2008 & VS2010, no VB6) it can be found in c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\Bin. It can be also downloaded from various places if you search for it.

In case you, like me, find OleView a little rusty, try the .NET Component Inspector. It is a free product which, despite its name, can inspect COM types and COM categories as well and is more stable (though having a few glitches) than both EOBrowser or OleView.

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