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So, OpenLayers has a i18n namespace.

But in my example at the bottom of the blog.

I am not getting the "Pan Up" which is what I would expect, but instead "PanUp", which is the string that should be translated in en.js.

I don't know enough about how this should work to debug it. I couldn't find much in the documentation about this either.

How does OpenLayers know what language to use? When I switch to French will it know to pull out the translations of "PanUp" from the fr.js file?

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Say you want your OpenLayers based map viewer from English to Spanish. The first step is:


To get the translation of 'Base layer' to Spanish:

var translatedString = OpenLayers.i18n('Base layer');

To show the translated string in the layer switcher:

var layerSwitcher = new OpenLayers.Control.LayerSwitcher({'title': translatedString}); map.addControl(layerSwitcher);

Taken From

Here's another good blog post.

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Ok, so there is no use of setCode in the examples, so this may well be a first. So, I've got an English setCode defined in this jsFiddle. I'm using a custom OpenLayers.js file that I built from a fork of the 2.12 project. And the languages are defined in OpenLayers/Lang/en.js. So I can't see (yet) what I'm doing wrong. So is there no default language that is used in the OpenLayers.js file if one isn't defined? – Mike Gifford Apr 12 '12 at 18:17
NOTE: So you have to add the language file separately seems Lang/en.js isn't brought by default into the build of OpenLayers.js – Mike Gifford Apr 12 '12 at 18:25

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