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I have a cql filter as SQL. Im trying to parse this cql to OpenLayers.Filter using method. It all works fine since my input is ascii. When I type Turkish characters as VALUE an error occurs. I modifed regex belong to VALUE property in CQL.js as /(^('.+'|\d+(.\d*)?|.\d+))/ Now it accepts non-ascii characters but generated Filter is wrong. The regex i modified might affect somewhere.

What i try and what message i get actually like follow

var format_cql = new OpenLayers.Format.CQL;"NAME = 'ŞAKİR'");

Error: ERROR: In parsing: ['ŞAKİR'], expected one of: VALUE: /^('\w+'|\d+(.\d*)?|.\d+)/

If i type SAKIR instead of ŞAKİR it returns a OpenLayers Comparison object well. It also doesnt allow to type space character in value.

Could someone please help me ?


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My friend helped me and changed regex of 'value' property in CQL.js as /^('([^ \t-~]|\w|\s)'|\d+(.\d)?|.\d+)/i It works well with unicode characters and spaces. Fyi.

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