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My application is currently displaying some search results in a dojo grid inside a dialog. I've been asked to embed a map inside the dialog but am struggling to do so. Has anyone done this?

I've got a simple map inside a jsp and have tried


Also tried putting a button on the page to with map.render("mapdiv") after the dialog is displayed. Dialog.refresh() has no effect. There are no errors and no requests made for map tiles.

Can anyone suggest a better way of displaying a map in a popup? Thanks!

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I can confirm you it is perfectly possible to put OpenLayers map within a Dojo's dialog widget.

What you can try to do is create in a declarative way a contentPane with an OpenLayers map. Then create the dialog and set the contenPane as the dialog's content.


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Neil, thanks for the tip. I can confirm that approach works. var divMap = document.getElementById("auditMap"); dialog.set("content", divMap) – geo_james Apr 16 '12 at 11:38

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