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I am trying to split a polyline into points with 2m intervals in ArcGIS but I don't have the necessary license. Is there a way that I can do this in QGIS?

Context: I have drawn a hypothetical lake surface based upon a contour line and need to divide it.


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Using the GRASS plugin, you can split lines using

# convert line to points; dmax = distance between points -i -v -t in=osm_road out=osm_road_pts type=line dmax=90

You'll have to import the line layer into GRASS first. That's easy using e.g. which accepts a layer which is already loaded into QGIS.

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With QGIS 2.2.0 you can use two plugins: QChainage to get the equally spaced points along the input polyline, and Points2One to assemble these points into a new polyline or polygon

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Use the Densify tool in ArcMap. The Densify tools allows you to add points to a line and you can set the distance between those points within the tool. For your case you can set the distance between the points to 2 meters. After using the Densify tool you can then use the Feature Vertices To Points tool to convert the line with all of those points into only points.

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