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I have a project file in Quantum which contains some shapefiles and rasters that are properly georeferenced. However, I have started using GeoTiffs which are in UTM - WGS84 that don't seem to be projecting properly.

When I import the GeoTiffs, Quantum reads their X,Y (Eastings, Northings) coordinates like they were lat,lon. How can I convert these X,Y values into lat,lon coordinates? I have set all the layers in the project file to the same coordinate system and I have also enabled on the fly CRS transofrmation to no avail.

Thanks for you help!

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Don't change the layer CRS in properties. Please read this first – underdark Apr 16 '12 at 12:40

1) Plugins > Manage Plugins. Enable GdalTools
enter image description here

2) Then:
enter image description here

3) Enter the source and destination SRS and the other parameters. That's it.

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