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I am trying to access the new Bathymetry data published here: http://topex.ucsd.edu/WWW_html/srtm30_plus.html

Is there a way QGIS or similar tool can read these files. Nothing seems to be working, but I am very new to using GIS tools and their rainbow of formats. Any examples or ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks Eric

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These are what, files with a 'srtm' extension? Landserf (free) can load and convert these to something that QGIS can recognise (asc for example). Nick.


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You can SRTM30 Plus data with GRASS GIS like this:

r.in.bin -sb input=e020n40.Bathmetry.srtm \
         output=e020n40_topex bytes=2 north=40 \
         south=-10 east=60 west=20 r=6000 c=4800
r.colors e020n40_topex rules=etopo2

See: http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/Global_datasets#SRTM30plus_data_DEM

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