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I have a scenario where a featureclass[Child Version] is queried for some overlapping features on [SDE.DEFAULT] Version using ISpatialFilter, After getting few result, these features are looped and again queried the same way on [Child version]. (exactly opposite). This takes lot of time. I still hope that the compexity can be reduced somehow. Is there any ways that we can run spatial filter in some kind of combination, so as to increase performance.
I have tried Spatial Cache, but because extent is not known it takes lot of time to fill the cache.

Any suggestions?

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By design, all queries run on per feature class basis. Further more, a spatial query is always slower than an attribute query.

Some ways of increasing a Spatial query are:

  • Query on a smaller feature class (i.e. with fewer features)

  • Have a an attribute that would narrow down the selectable features. use that for your where clause of your IspatialFilter

  • Change the spatial Indexes and check if the performance is better. This is more of a trial and error method.

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