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I have a 3GB raster layer, and I'd like to export it to KML for use with Google Earth.

When I use the "Layer to KML" conversion tool in ArcMap, I end up with a low-resolution overlay: looks like one 2000x2000 pixel image (give or take). I've tried messing with the "layer output scale" parameter, but it isn't having any effect.

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I see two possible options:

  1. Use Google Earth Pro to directly load the raster assuming it is in a supported file format. See Importing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data in Google Earth

  2. Google Earth supports "super overlays" through the use of Region and NetworkLink elements which allows you to display a multi-megapixel image by subsetting it into tiles. KMLer Pro ($50) is an ArcGIS extension that purports to be able to create super overlays directly from ArcGIS maps. There are also several non-ArcGIS tools such as MapTiler, TileCache, and SuperOverlay (related to KMLer).

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  1. Download Shape2Earth and apply it to your add-in manager.
  2. Convert your raster to a feature.
  3. Work with Shape2Earth
  4. Save your money.
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