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There are couple of questions which are related to learning GIS or GIS skill sets here but I would like to ask very specific question.

My current skills: I don't claim that I am a good programmer :-))

  • .Net, programming Language C# (4+ years exp) and sybase PowerBuilder (3 years exp)
  • Experience working in web and desktop applications.
  • SQL
  • DBMS (SQL-Server, ASA)
  • Javascript, Ajax, HTML, Webservices

Can you please help me to find resources which I can use to start GIS development using .net technologies!


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Start using a specific gis software to understand how it works. Try to find one that has c# api. Or switch to writing code in python and use gdal or a host of others. Do you have a commercial gis software available? – Justin Apr 18 '12 at 20:58
No I don't right now, I am downloading trial version of ArcGIS. – Kashif Apr 21 '12 at 20:57
also check the folder <arcgis_folder>/Developer10.1/Samples – nickves Dec 11 '13 at 21:31

Start with the beginning: google for GIS.

So you get tutorials on how to set up a database with spatial (ie GIS) options which should get you started, once there - forget about C# APIs, just go straight to the APIs for other languages (as there tends to be a lot more work done for OSS stuff than for .NET in this environment) - for example, MapQuery for javascript.

The rest of the task is about learning what GIS does and how it does it. That can be some pretty in-depth maths, especially when talking about routing and implementation of the data.

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Thanks @gbjbaanb – Kashif Jul 13 '12 at 22:43

You might look at the book Beginning ArcGIS for Desktop Development using .NET if you don't mind learning developing with Esri platform. Another good book for basics of GIS - GIS for Web Developers.

SharpMap is an excellent .NET/C# based platform for .NET development for GIS.

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For learning what is GIS and how to do some basic stuff use QGIS there is very good tutorials in youtube. To learn what prober spatial database does, load data into PostGIS and do some basic stuff like loading data (vector , raster) , spatial search etc.. projection transformations ( and when you are forced to use MS SQL server,curse how it does not have all features)

For C# see [Link][1] and NPGSQL to postgresql connection

It depends what you want to learn, now days openlayers and jquery are popular when we are talking about web mapping. PostGIS for datastorage , Geoserver for WMS tiles , SQL + R for statistic etc etc


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