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According to Will mousedown events fire with Touch events on OpenLayers mobile?, openlayers 2.11 supports click-like behaviour for vector layers only.

Separate from that, regular pinching/zooming/panning works on the whole map. Weird thing, though, is that zooming on the ipad triggers a click event...

My problem: I don't have a vector layer, but I do want to handle click events on an ipad. I tried attaching 'touchstart' in addition to 'click' to my existing click handler, but that doesn't give any reaction.

So my question is: can I have an OpenLayers.Handler.Click handler on the whole map that reacts to touch taps?

Update: click events work anyway, see below.

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It turns out that the click event works just fine on an ipad anyway. Provided you add the click handler after setting the extent. I don't know why, but that little change made my code work...

Hurray for my colleague that found it out :-)

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