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Whenever I'm attempting to perform Switch selection in ArcMap table I'm always presented with this friendly prompt:

enter image description here

I'm fully aware of 'dangers' of this operation, and I think I could live without this warning. Is there a way to switch it off?

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HowTo: Turn off "This table (potentially) contains a large number of records..." warning message


The table window in ArcMap provides a 'Select All' command and a 'Switch Selection' command. When there is a large number of records in a table, 'Switch Selection' and 'Select All' could potentially take a long time to complete. A warning message allows you to cancel the operation. If you always want to perform the operation, you may want to turn off this warning message.


Click Selection > Options. Uncheck the Warning Threshold check box.

Alternatively, you can adjust the record count at which the message is displayed.

Although its an old paper, I can confirm it works in 10:

enter image description here

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Excellent. Thanks for that. – radek Apr 24 '12 at 12:50

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