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I friend of mine who are using QGIS in their organization for non GIS-experienced people asked me a question the other day that I didn't knew the answer to. He would like to configure QGIS to only show the tools/toolbar that those non-experienced people need to see. A common complaint is that QGIS looks too so difficault with all toolbars. QGIS is installed to this users on a server and he would like to control this so that people don't need to change the toolbars on every computer that are using QGIS.

Has anyone tried to solve this kind of problem (or that understand what the hell I'm talking about ;))

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Going into a little more depth than Nathan's answer, the actual changes themselves are stored within QGIS in the following locations (Operating system dependent):

  • Linux it is found in: ~/.config/QuantumGIS/QGIS.conf
  • Windows: the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QuantumGIS\QGIS
  • Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/org.qgis.QGIS.plist

That's for 1.7.x, but may also apply to 1.8.x (which is still a development build so you may not wish to be deploying corporately yet)

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Sure thing. Using the latest build (soon to be 1.8) you can use the method described here

You can turn every part of ui on or off using Settings -> Customization...

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