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I'm trying to find a hot-spot analysis plug-in for QGIS that would perform similarly to the Getis-Ord (Gi*) hot-spot analysis tool used in Arc, but have not been successful. Does anyone have a suggestion for where to find one?


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This question refers to the Getis-Ord GI* hot-spot analysis tool in ArcGIS. One can find an explanation of the tool here:*)_(Spatial_Statistics)

The assumption that hot-spot is a synonym for heat-map is incorrect. Heat-map has a wide variety of definitions, whereas this question refers to something specific that (to my knowledge) has not been asked or answered before on this forum.

Here is a link to the best guidance I have yet found regarding a plugin in QGIS that is equivalent to the Getis-Ord GI* hot-spot analysis tool in ArcGIS:

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Assuming Hot-spot is a synonym for heat-map then this has been asked (and answered) a few times before:

How to generate heatmaps with QGIS1.9 plugin automatically?


How to build effective heat-maps?

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