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we are evaluating whether MapFish Printing module fit our needs or not.. From a 2010 presentation, it says MapFish printing has following readers:

  • Web Map Server (WMS)
  • Google Maps
  • Tile Map Server (TMS)
  • Image
  • KaMap
  • KaMapCache
  • Open Street Map (OSM)
  • Tile Cache
  • GeoJSON

I am wondering does it support

  • ArcGIS Server WMS?
  • OpenLayers.Layer.ArcGISCache layer?

besides, what about WFS? It lists GeoJSON, does this mean it supports GeoJSON-Based WFS? again, ArcGIS Server WFS?

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  1. Yes, ArcGIS Server WMS works with MapFish Print
  2. No, you cannot use ArcGISCache
  3. No, I grep'ed the mapfish readers and found no WFS references
  4. Specifically, there is no WFS in
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MapFish will not support WFS as in it is not possible to send a WFS URL in the same way that you can with a WMS. However, it is possible to send the contents of a WFS request to MapFish and this is where the GeoJSON format comes in.

When you send a request to MapFish for printing you send details of the layers to be included on the map. In most cases this will be parameters for a WMS, Google, or OpenStreetMap layer or combination thereof. It is also possible to send vector features along with styling information (based on OpenLayers syntax I believe) as the properties for a layer. So, if your client application allows it you could encode the contents of your WFS based vector layer as GeoJSON and send it as part of the print request.

I use OpenLayers and have taken this approach to allow printing of the vector layers in the map along with WMS layers.

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