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I´m looking for blogs or good websites about digital/web cartography...i´m not really interested in the deep technical ramblings (i´ve the forum lists for that) but rather inspirational blogs which showcase great digital cartographic techniques or projects and how they are created.

If there are such things here in the web, please let me know...I´,m also interested in statistical visualisation blogs like these.., I´ve never seen such blogs which spezialise in digital/web cartography.



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Here's a good one from my old university lecturer.

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Some good and funny commentary there, reminds me of Cartastrophe. – blah238 Apr 30 '12 at 20:33

Lots about contemporary mapping and web carto at:

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Thanks Zero_Qualms – Mapperz Apr 30 '12 at 20:53

If you haven't read Gretchen Petersons blog/website: it is highly recommended. She also has two booklets, "Type for maps" and "color for maps" and a book "GIS cartography" for sale (haven't read them, but from the booklet samples they seem good)

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Some interesting London focused work gets showcased on the Mapping London blog from the guys at UCL CASA. The Guardian Datablog ( also features some mapping work amongst other things.

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Many fine ones have already been listed. Here are a couple more that I follow or scan regularly:

These data vis sites also often have cartographic products that they profile:

And, this was posted last week too on Flowing Data -

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It's not a blog, the new article rate is too slow for that, but when I'm seeking inspiration or just want to kick back for awhile and marvel at awesome work I go to Tom Patterson:

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Some interesting maps with interactive / digital cartography can be found here :

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