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from my Plugin I've loaded a rasterlayer using the following code:

fileName = "/path/to/raster/file.tif"
fileInfo = QFileInfo(fileName)
baseName = fileInfo.baseName()
rlayer = QgsRasterLayer(fileName, baseName)
if rlayer.isValid():

Now I wonder how I can move the freshly loaded layer to the back, that it lies behind all previously loaded layers.

Thanks and regards

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i have not come across to change layer order for taking an instance to back of all layers. But i think you can use addTopLevelItems(items) function for getting all layers to top without your current layer. Maybe it is a reverse solution but i hope it works for your needs.


Parameters: items – PySide.QtGui.QTreeWidgetItem
Appends the items  as a top-level item in the widget.

Selecting current layer,

canvas = qgis.utils.iface.mapCanvas()
cLayer = canvas.currentLayer()

Or all layers,

allLayers = canvas.layers()
for i in allLayers: print i

i hope it helps you....

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