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I am trying to add time enabled layers into ArcGIS online. The information in the ArcGIS resource center makes it sound like it is possible to add time enabled layers from ArcMap to ArcGIS online. I can get the layer to be time enabled in ArcMap but when I zip the layer and add it to ArcGIS online the time factor is gone. I can see my layer but not play through the time animation. You are suppose to be able to see a description of each layer in ArcGIS online, it seems like the description will tell you if the layer is time enabled or not but this option is greyed out.

Any suggestions on how to animate my layer would be helpful!

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it sounds like you are zipping your shape file and loading that. You should create a layer package and one of the options is to share it to agsonline. I think that will be the difference. – Brad Nesom May 4 '12 at 15:59
I tried that. I can share the layer package but I couldn't figure out how to view it on arcgis online. I found a tutorial,… This makes it look like I have to use an ArcGIS server to upload my time enabled layers – Sarah May 14 '12 at 13:59

From this help link you can only enable time on a temporal map service, image service, or KML layer. Also check out the video on that link

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