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I'm using ArcGIS 10 Network Analyst Extension to try and incorporate their driving directions functionality into a walking network. I am wondering if there is any way to alter the RoadClass Values to be more suitable for a Walking Network. For example:

RoadClass Value: 3

Type of Road Class: Ramps

Example: Take ramp and go on US-59 N

Is there any way that I can modify or add a RoadClass value to be "Stairs" and instead of saying "Take ramp..." it says "Traverse stairs..." or "Elevators" saying "Use elevator"?



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I asked a similar question here. It seems like we are working on similar projects as when I search for a question, you seem to have asked it a few months prior to me. Did you manage to figure this out? – Cindy Williams Jan 24 '13 at 7:53
@Arabella Yes! In fact I JUST got answers from ESRI regarding RoadClass values for pedestrian networks in 10.1. You have to output directions as a GP tool, and select the NA Campus style. Then, the RoadClass values below will work. 12-Stairs 13-Escalators 14-Elevators 15-Pedestrian ramps If you want to read the whole thread discussion it can be found here: – eric Feb 7 '13 at 16:32
Excellent! Will try that out asap. – Cindy Williams Feb 8 '13 at 6:54

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