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I have to transform (7-parameters datum transformation) coordinates from northings & eastings to lattitude & longitude.

Following are details of source coordinate system(i.e. northings & eastings one) :

1) Projection Details: 
 1.1)Projection Name
 1.2)Origin Lat/Lon
 1.3)Origin North/East
 1.4)Scaling Factor
2)Datum Name: AGD84
3)7-parameter Datum Details:
 3.1)Rotn X:0.292
 3.2)Rotn Y:-0.443
 3.3)Rotn Z:-0.277
 3.4) Trans X:117.763
 3.5) Trans Y:-51.51
 3.6)Trans Z:139.061
 3.7)Scaling Factor:-0.03939657799319541

Please note that I am using "Proj4Js" for the above mentioned transformation for which following is the "defs" settings:

***Proj4js.defs["<EPSG-CODE>"] = "+proj=<someProjectionImplementation>  
+towgs84=-117.763,-51.51,139.061,0.292,-0.443,-0.277,-0.03939657799319541 +no_defs";***

Could anyone confirm that is there any issue in this setting?

Thanks, Gajendra

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