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I have a polyline (movement path) and points recorded along the line. I would like to calculate for each point the distance along the line in Quantum GIS. I hope for a result which will add a new column to the point attribute table indicating the distance along which it is on the line. I'd appreciate any thoughts.


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If you'd like to go with the GRASS plugin, there's a module v.distance that does just that. First you'll bring the polyline and point layers into GRASS using the module in the GRASS Toolbox. Then locate the v.distance module. The From and To vectors are obviously the points and line. Then select "Distance to nearest point ... along linear feature". You'll also need an attribute column name to accept the distance values (Use v.db.addcol to add that attrib if you don't already have). That should do it.

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Many thanks Micha. Sorry I was away and could not give feedback before now. The v.distance module is exactly what I needed. Very many thanks. – Mike Chi Jun 3 '12 at 21:17
Note that the label currently reads (in QGIS 2.2) "Distance between points/centroids ... along this linear feature" – byteit101 Jun 25 '14 at 17:58

Other way to measure this, it is using Qchainage (QGis plugin) to produce nodes equallly spaced from line. Then, you may use Distance to nearest hub (QGis plugin) to calculate distance among points.

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