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I've set up a web service that uses ESRI's REST API spec. This allows me to make requests using the (Silverlight)/WPF SDK. If I turn on windows authentication though, I get a 401 error when using GeoProcessor.ExecuteAsynch.

I can successfully call the same url with a WebClient with credentials set:

WebClient c = new WebClient();
c.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

If I use WebClient, then I have to deserialize ESRI's json, which is non-trivial, so I'd really like to use Geoprocessor.ExecuteAsynch instead.

Is there some way to send credentials with Geoprocessor?

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According to the documentation: Secure services it should be possible to secure the services. By using Token or windows credentials. On the base class TaskBase there is a Token and ProxyURL property for token based and Proxy based security. But I can't find any reference to exactly how to set the windows credentials. Only a statement that it is possible:

There are two approaches to accessing a secured service using HTTP/Windows authentication:

  1. Prompt the user to provide authentication credentials. Provide a dialog in the Silverlight application or use the browser to handle a challenge response from a secure service. The browser will provide a standard authentication dialog to enter a username and password. If using HTTP Basic authnication all communication with a service should be handled over a secure connection (HTTPS).
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