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I've found that ArcGIS offers validation of 2 basic constraints: field data type and if the value is required or not.

Is there any way or AddIn to attach more complex validation rules?

I mean Min-Max values for numbers and dates, RegEx for text input, expression based validation for dependent fields.

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There are several ways to do custom validation; if you are looking for a programmatic solution, the main ones you'll probably want to look at are geodatabase extensions and editor extensions.

Alternatively, if you have ArcGIS Data Reviewer you can set up complex rules in that without programming. I am not sure if it can do everything you ask about though, and if I recall correctly it won't prevent people from entering bad data, only catch it when it is reviewed.

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You can add validation through the use of domains. A quick tour of attribute domains

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Yea, I've forgotten about range domains, but what about remaining more complex rules? – megadrofan May 17 '12 at 19:17

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