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Does anyone know how to change the QGIS Web Client measure tool (distance and area) so that it shows feet or miles rather than meters?

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you have to change some code in qgis-web-client / site / js / WebgisInit.js you can add unit parameter to OpenLayers.Control.Measure method. you have to do this for polygon too...

measureControls = {
    line: new OpenLayers.Control.Measure(
      OpenLayers.Handler.Path, {
        persist: true,
        handlerOptions: {
          layerOptions: {styleMap: styleMapMeasureControls}

other units are ‘degrees’ (or ‘dd’), ‘m’, ‘ft’, ‘km’, ‘mi’, ‘inches’..

i hope it helps you....

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Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately this doesn't work for me under Linux Mint 12. I even went so far as to download the latest QGIS Web Client code and re-configure. The measure distance tool still shows units in meters and kilometers rather than feet and miles. In a perfect world, QGIS Web Client would use the same units as the coordinate system. Or at least it should be configurable inside GlobalOptions.js. BTW, I changed the units from 'degrees' to 'ft' inside GlobalOptions.js and still no go. Any other suggestions? – Rayner May 18 '12 at 19:18

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