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I am using ArcGIS WPF's Polyline to plot several lines (PointCollections). Adding a Path(PointCollection) looks something like this.

PointCollection collection = new PointCollection();
PolyLine myLine = new PolyLine();



PolyLine is a Geometry in which I can set to a Graphic and plot on a map. Once that Graphic is clicked it of course is clicking the entire graphic. I am visually showing several Paths(PointCollections). Is it possible to figure out which Path is being clicked on from the user?


I have a solution now where I just have 1 PointCollection per PolyLine. So I am adding one PolyLine/Graphic for each line. I would rather not do this if I can avoid it.

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If you have one Path per Polyline you can do something like this:

private void map1_MouseClick(object sender, Map.MouseEventArgs e)
            if (map1.Layers["MyGraphicsLayer"] is GraphicsLayer)
                GraphicsLayer glayer = (GraphicsLayer)map1.Layers["MyGraphicsLayer"];
                IEnumerable<Graphic> graphics = glayer.FindGraphicsInHostCoordinates(map1.MapToScreen(e.MapPoint));

                foreach (var graphic in graphics)
                //Do stuff

But if you want to use several Paths per Polyline I guess you have to look at catching the polyline that gets clicked and split that polyline into several polylines and use the GeometryService to do some relation operations on these.

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