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I need to convert approximately 3500 jpeg2000 4-band NAIP images to GeoTiff format without mosaicing. I have access to ENVI, ERDAS and Arc 10--is there an efficient way to batch convert these files to GeoTIFF while maintaining quality and band integrity? Thanks much.


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Shame you don't have access to Photoshop - a few clicks and the batch created and only the time to process is a restriction. – Mapperz May 23 '12 at 20:04

I think that all of listed by you software allow to execute batch converting in some way.


I can explain how is it possible to perform in ArcGIS.

  1. Converting of one raster JPEG2000 -> GeoTiff can be done using tool Raster To Other Format (Conversion). Don't forget to setup appropriate raster storage settings in Environment variables when running this tool.
  2. Running this tool in a batch mode can be done using ArcGIS batch processing function. Again don't forget about environment settings in order to get desirable results.


I remember that in Erdas it is also possible to execute commands in batch mode. But it was some time ago and right now I don't have access to this software. Take a look at this document if you prefer to use Erdas.

Open-source solution

Also can recommend trying to use opensource solution: GDAL. Which can be executed in a batch mode by OS tools (in Win - bat, powershell for example).

Take a look at command gdal_translate - this one you need for your task.


gdal_translate -of GTiff -co COMPRESS=JPEG -co TILED=YES input.jp2 result.tif

Set correct (for your case) creation options in -co parameter.

How to run it in a batch mode you can figure from this and this available topics.

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My GDAL install (1.11 on Ubuntu) doesn't include JP2, what's your recommendation? There is quite a bit of choice, not sure which is the best and easiest to install. – Thomas Dec 14 '15 at 12:03

Use LizardTech's (free) GeoViewer's Tools->Export. It is an order of magnitude faster than gdal_dtranslate. Although this is not a batch process, I did find dlls in the directory where the .exe is located that may enable writing your own export utility.

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