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I'm using ERDAS Imagine to batch produce NDVIs from NAIP imagery. I need to also replace the default file name (e.g. "m_3610132_nw_14_1_20100503") with a user friendly file name (e.g. 3610132nw). How can I change the edit replacement pattern in the batch wizard to output a subset of the original filename?

Example: z:/project/studyarea_8_naip/ok_naip/temp_out/$(Input.pathright)$(Input.root)

yields => m_3610132_nw_14_1_20100503

However, I want the output to be simply 3610132nw

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I'm not sure how to do this in ERDAS but I've previously used a program called ReNamer (download link for such batch renaming tasks. Perhaps this might be useful.

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