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I want to develop a webportal that will show the QGIS generated images on dynamic website. For this reason I need to run gdal_translate command inside php page. but I don't know is it possible or not. If possible than please let me know how to do this and if not possible than please give any alternative solution in this regard.

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Enamul, QGIS offers a WMS server component, which has an optional QGIS GeoExt web client interface (demos here), or you can utilize the QGIS WMS output as a layer in an OpenLayers map.

Also, there is a nice plugin to integrate QGIS Server with a PHP server: lizmap. lizmap is available via the plugin installer, but you will have to manually add the new QGIS repository to installer if using QGIS version < 1.8.0.

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Dakcarto,thanks for your answer but if you can give more detail solution as I am new to qgis and gdal if possible any examples than it will be more helpful for me. – Enamul Haque May 27 '12 at 5:08
QGIS Server – A WMS Server for the masses « Linfiniti Geo Blog - Also, you might want to look into the QGIS Cloud plugin, which could be embedded in your web portal within an iframe. – dakcarto May 27 '12 at 9:10

Use exec. But if you are on shared hosting this is probably disabled.

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johanvdw,it looks good, can you give a sample code which is executing gdal command with exec – Enamul Haque May 27 '12 at 7:15
@EnamulHaque take a look at… – Rodrigo Apr 28 at 19:37

Open the folder which is containing "gdal_translate", just copy that file and paste in the same folder. And then rename that copied file with "gdaltranslate" (just remove ' _ ' ). Use the renamed file (i.e., gdaltranslate ) in your php code ... and that works :) njy

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