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Can anyone explain how I can ovveride the dblclick event when I'm using an OpenLayers.Control.DrawFeature? I see there is parameter in the constructor for handlerOptions - Used to set non-default properties on the control’s handler. My handler is just an OpenLayers.Handler.Path.

I want to run some custom validation when a user double clicks so that they can continue the sketch should they fail.

Double click --> "you've drawn something stupid are you sure you want to finish?" --> No ---> carry on sketching

Thanks, James

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if you make some edit here OpenLayers / lib / OpenLayers / Handler / Path.js , you can reach what you want.


* APIMethod: finishGeometry
* Finish the geometry and send it back to the control.
    finishGeometry: function() {
        var index = this.line.geometry.components.length - 1;

* Method: dblclick
* Handle double-clicks.
* Parameters:
* evt - {Event} The browser event
* Returns:
* {Boolean} Allow event propagation
    dblclick: function(evt) {
        if(!this.freehandMode(evt)) {
        return false;

i hope it helps you...

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Thanks Aragon - i've chucked my logic in there for now – geo_james May 31 '12 at 14:32

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