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Possible Duplicate:
Issues while plotting the results of pgRouting shortest path

I am trying to actually figure out what this column exactly represents and how to use that in my case. I created a network topology and persisted it to postgresql database using osm2po tool for a certain region. Now I am using pgrouting on it to find the shortest route. I am not sure how this column is used by qgis to display the route. It's just a bunch of number, how can I use it in my case?

I am actually using gpx format file to transfer the shortest path. How can I exploit this geometry and send that information in gpx so that it is displayed nicely.

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Please don't open another thread with the same topic. – underdark May 31 '12 at 6:52

i think you should check out user @underdark instruction on her site. there is some information about using it in qgis.

  • Osm2po Part 2 – PgRouting on OSM the Easy Way, here.

  • A First Glimpse at pgRouting Layer for QGIS, here.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to pgRouting, here.

i hope it helps you...

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