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Is it possible to use the functions from ArcMap's Main Menu (for example Add Data, Start Editing) in my model?

I cannot find a way to add any other functions except Toolboxes.

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What functions do you want to use from ArcMap menu? Main idea of ModelBuilder is to apply some processing tasks (geoprocessing) to input data and receive output. – Alex Markov May 31 '12 at 10:15
Tools that support edit sessions piggyback onto the existing edit session. It is not possible without using ArcObjects to start/stop an edit session programmatically. – blah238 Jun 4 '12 at 3:35

There is actually one hacky method. To use COM objects in Python and in this way to communicate with ArcObjects.

There was already such topic here: How do I access ArcObjects from Python?.

Read also this presentation: Using ArcObjects in Python.

and this thread on Esri forum: ArcMap 10, ArcObjects, and Python: very cool, but help with a couple of problems?

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ArcToolbox tools or standalone Python scripts are the only entry points available to ModelBuilder. Access to other tools or ArcObjects entry points are currently not supported.

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