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I do not succeed in importing waypoints from Ozi files (extension .wpt). I tried both converting through GPS-Babel to XML (.gpx) and importing in QGIS with the GPS-tool. Both times set to WGS 84, as is the setting in Ozi.

What should I do?

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Could you describe how the import process fails? –  whuber Jun 1 '12 at 14:45

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If you try to import from a GPS... You can try [DNRGarmin] (! It takes several files (.gpx, .kml, shp, txt, etc) and can convert them to .shp files. Hope that helps.

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Global Mapper will convert WPT to SHP

OziExplorer Waypoint (WPT), Route (RTE), and Track (PLT) Files

Description: The OziExplorer waypoint (WPT), route (RTE), and track (PLT) file formats are used to store user waypoints, routes, and track logs from GPS devices by the OziExplorer application. The WPT and TRK files can be loaded into Global Mapper v6.00 and above, and the RTE files can be loaded into v9.01 and above.,_Route_RTE,_and_Track_PLT_Files

ESRI Shapefiles you can use a trial version to test it.

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