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GDAL 1.8 now supports reading GeospatialPDF, see pdf format description page. Using it depends on the poppler pdf library. What is the smoothest route to getting gdal and geospatial pdf working on Windows?

UPDATE: I mean getting the gdal utilities, the end user programs not the just the programming libraries.

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+1 Because I have not figured out how to get GDAL 1.8 working on Windows, either. – jvangeld Oct 19 '10 at 4:28
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Tamas Szkerest provides daily GDAL builds for Windows. These might be another option.

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thanks Howard, this worked out of the box. And welcome to :) – matt wilkie Oct 25 '10 at 17:39

Apart from building the current (dev) 1.8 version from source yourself (including all dependencies) I think your best bet would be to ask nicely at the gdal-dev mailing list if someone could provide you with a Windows build.

It will probably be months until a more stable version of gdal 1.8 hits other mainstream releases.

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I don't believe that FWTools contains GDAL 1.8 or the develpment versions, it tends to be aimed at a more stable release.

The OSGEO4W installer does contain GDAL 1.8. You can verify by looking in c:\OSGeo4W\bin. You will see gdal18dev.dll This comes with the normal warnings, it is a development version from trunk, it may change frequently.


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gdal 1.8 is not listed in the package listing, or current versions though presumably it will be eventually. Neither is the critical poppler dependency. I do have gdal18dev.dll in the bin directory but gdalinfo etc. from gdal-dev package do not seem to use it (gdalinfo geopdf-file.pdf gets an error). Question updated to say I'm interested in the end user utilities. – matt wilkie Oct 19 '10 at 20:09

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