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I'm trying to use GDAL minidriver to read tiles folders generated from Tilecache seeding.

I have set this in my GDAL source <ServerUrl>${z}/${x}/${y}</ServerUrl>, and when I try to use gdal_translate with this minidriver file I have 404 error:

0ERROR 1: GDALWMS: Unable to download block 0, 0.
HTTP status code: 404, error: (null).

The error is right because I have another kind of structure. In example I have

It seems to me that the output of tilecache seeding process does not have a standard TMS structure, and for this reason I have these kind of errors. Am I wrong?

My source SRS is EPSG:3004. Could it be this the reason of a non standard TMS folders structure?

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Are you sure you can access files? TileCache uses padding for the Disk cache, but it should manage the padding even if you pass the unpadded integers...

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