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i have downloaded some SRTM Dem files here: They are from the USGS site.

I would like to export them as 3d.

I have ran through a few tutorials online, eg 1) 2)

But still don't get it.

Question: 1) so are the SRTM DEM files exportable to be viewed in 3d via Arcscene/ Arcmap? 2) how do you do it?

Thank you!

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When you downloaded the data what format did it come in? By definition, if the data is a raster format, it can be considered 3D data, as it has a x,y,z value. If you are looking to have it extruded in ArcScene then you will want to do a few of the following things.

Assuming your data is in a usable raster format (ie: GeoTiff) then you will want to do the following: - Open the Properties of the data in ArcScene and change the Symbology (ie: Standard Dev. 2 and change the statistics to From Current Display Extent - On the Base Heights Tab change the radio buttom from No elevation values from a surface to Floating on a custom surface and choose the SRTM raster file (this will make the raster have 3D visual appeal - Finally you can play with the visual rendering which is located under the Rendering tab. The Higher the rendering, the more memory it needs from your computer and graphics card.

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Let me try this out- will ask again if i get stuck. Thank you Ryan! – Anna Jun 5 '12 at 20:52

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