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I am synchronizing a one-way replica in ArcEditor using Python. I tried adding RefreshActiveView and RefreshCatalog to the code, but I still need to refresh the synchronized database to see the results. Here is a code snippet:

Connection_to_geoDBReplicationTest = "C:\Connection to geoDBReplicationTest.sde"

Connection_to_geoDBRepTest_2 = "C:\Connection to geoDBRepTest_2.sde"

 "GISUSER.timedTestReplica2", Connection_to_geoDBRepTest_2, "FROM_GEODATABASE1_TO_2",



Any thoughts? the code does work, but I would prefer the user did not need to refresh the database in ArcCatalog each time...

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Is the child connected to the Default version on geoDBRepTest? – blord-castillo Jun 10 '12 at 17:41

Not sure if it will help in your case, but you might want to add a garbage collect prior to running both refreshes. This has worked for me in the past where an empty results database wouldn't allow itself to be deleted by a script.

import arcpy, gc

synchronize changes

refresh catalog
refresh active view
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Thanks, I will try that. – Jason Jun 11 '12 at 20:20

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