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I have a table of WKB HexString values, of the form:


in a column called 'Centroid' in spatialite

I want to create a geometry from these values. When I run:

select GeomFromWKB(x'01010000000812368FA5D106C01C25B4DAE5AE4A40');

I get a valid geometry. However, if I run:

select GeomFromWKB('x'||"'"||Centroid||"'") from table;

I get invalid geometries. It seems that it is impossible to insert these hex values as binary values. I think may be due to Sqlite thinking that the bracked value in the second statement is a string literal and not being able to transform it into a blob/binary literal.

Does anyone have any solutions either within spatialite itself or using a third party library in python or something?

Note that I have also tried:

select GeomFromEWKB(Centroid) from table;

I seem to recall doing this successfully before in PostGIS, but I'd rather use spatialite if possible.

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As you probably already realized, what you have in your 'Centroid" column is a hex representation of the WKB blob. The function GeomFromWKB is expecting the blob, and not the string hex representation. I don't see any obvious way to revert from the string representation back to a binary blob. – Micha Jun 7 '12 at 14:48
I looked for hours for an opposite of the SQLite function Hex() to no avail. Strange – Stev_k Jun 7 '12 at 16:01
It looks like this python function might be close to what you are trying to do: binascii - Convert between binary and ASCII – Get Spatial Jun 7 '12 at 17:20

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