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I am working on a residential real estate database in MS ACCESS. I currently have residential property’s tagged by parcel ID’s. I am trying to run a query to pull in multiple sales data from various tables. I need to somehow map in street mapping to only pull data for all property’s within a mile radius. Can anyone explain to me how I can find this mapping? I can program this in access – I just can’t locate the mapping for this project. Thanks, Derrick

PS - location - US, Indiana

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Here are my two ideas:

  1. Most county Auditor Departments have a parcel GIS layer (that is in a mapable format). You could contact this department to see if you can obtain this layer, then do a table join based on common parcel ID field to your table.

  2. If you database has address information you could geocode that against the U.S Census Bureau TIGER Street Centerline data.

Mapping may be done in open source GIS software application such as QGIS.

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Thanks for the great information – derrick Jun 14 '12 at 16:16

A quick search yielded a few likely results.

  1. This should probably be your first choice as it is funded by a group of providers throughout the state. It has links to the Indiana Spatial Data Portal at Indiana University, as well as a list of local data mapping websites.
  2. Indiana County-based GIS Data CD-rom: This is a CD of data clipped at a buffer in the county around Purdue University. It is available for $9, which could be a bargain depending on the extent.

These, along with the ideas posted by @artwork21 should give you enough to do a buffer to limit your data.

For future reference, these results all came from a web search for "indiana gis data". The links shown were all in the top 10 results.

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Great idea on the - CD. Thank you – derrick Jun 14 '12 at 16:17

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