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I have a graphics layer and I'd like to add a graphic behind the existing graphics. I've come up with this:


But I have to pan the markers off the screen and then pan them back into view before the 'unshift'-ed graphics display correctly. I've tried calling refresh without any affect:


How can this be done without introducing a second graphics layer?

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Graphics in a GraphicsLayer (as well as in a FeatureLayer) are dojx.gfx objects. Each Graphic has a getDojoShape method. This is the key to changing the drawing order of your graphics.

I put up a working example on jsfiddle:

Click the map to add a point. The newest point is always added underneath the existing points.

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My goodness I hope this is not the correct "answer":

graphicsLayer.acme = {
    addFirst: function (graphic)
        graphic._graphicsLayer = graphicsLayer;
    redraw: function ()
        var graphics = dojo.filter(, function (item)
            return item.visible;
        dojo.forEach(graphics, function (item)
            graphicsLayer.remove ( item );
        dojo.forEach(graphics, function (item)

I introduced an addFirst method to add the graphic to the front of the graphics array and a redraw method to remove all visible graphics from the layer and add them back to the layer. That can't be good.

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This not recommended. Please stick to the public, documented methods. My answer explains how to add a graphic underneath/behind existing graphics. – Derek Swingley Jun 15 '12 at 16:25

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