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I have a balloon callout ISymbol and I want to get a polygon object so I can see if the user clicks it.

I am trying to use the function QueryBoundary

The function has four arguments:

public void QueryBoundary (
    int hDC,
    ITransformation displayTransform,
    IGeometry Geometry,  //what can I put in here?
    IPolygon boundary

One of my major hangups with the third argument is simply the fact that I am using this function to try to get the geometry... so what sense does it make to pass in the thing that I want? Also since the function is called like this :

thissymbol.QueryBoundary(screenDisplay.hDC, displayTransformation, thisGeometry, polygon);

Presumably it doesn't need the geometry of "thissymbol" since "thissymbol" is the caller.

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That would depend on the type of symbol. For a point symbol, I would cast displayTransformation.VisibleBounds to IArea, then pass IArea.Centroid as the geometry.

For line symbols you need a polyline. For fill symbols I think either a polygon or an envelope will work.

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