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I want to transform Lambert (EPSG:3035) coordinates to EPSG:4326 in C#.

I have tried this:

var lambert = cf.CreateFromWkt("PROJCS[\"ETRS89 / ETRS-LAEA\",GEOGCS[\"ETRS89

Error: Projection Lambert_Azimuthal_Equal_Area is not supported.

As far as I understand, ProjNet should support Lambert. Can someone help me? Or show me another way how to achieve my goal?

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You can use dotspatial to make your transformation. The two projections is created by:

//EPSG 3035
ProjectionInfo fromProjection = KnownCoordinateSystems.Projected.Europe.ETRS1989LAEA;
//EPSG 4326
ProjectionInfo toProjection = KnownCoordinateSystems.Geographic.World.WGS1984;

And you make the transformation with

Reproject.ReprojectPoints(fromPoint, toPoint, fromProjection, toProjection, 0, 1);
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This helped me but this code is not right

Reproject.ReprojectPoints(fromPoint, toPoint, fromProjection, toProjection, 0, 1);

ReprojectPoints should be called like this:

Reproject.ReprojectPoints(fromXY, fromZ, fromProjection, toProjection, 0, 1);

fromXY is an array with 2 doubles (X and Y) and fromZ is an array with 1 double (Z).

The function returns the result in the fromXY variable.

But for me it does not work for ETRS89LAEA anyway. just get NaN in the result...

If anyone got conversion to ETRS89LAEA to work with dotspatial, please show me how to do it.

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