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I created voronoi polygons after which I dissolved them on the basis of one attribute. Now there are cases where in for one single attribute "abc" I have3 polygons at different places with same object id. I would like to break these into 3 polygons as they are at different locations.

Is there any tool in ArcGIS Desktop or QGIS which can help me in doing that?

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that's indeed the problem that even when the "create multpart features" is checked on ArcGis 10 it doesn't work it never creates independent polygons. I run the dissolve tool after a union so I just wanted to "dissolve" the not fancy cliped polygons obtained while doing union but I don´t want a single row for all my polygons from one class, what I need is a single row for every independent polygon.. so I need something like from singlepart to multipart. The explode button worked well for some of them but the most difficult ones (the ones with a difficult perimeter) were not "exploded" :( help! – user21668 Sep 3 '13 at 15:32
I converted your post to a comment, @claudia, because it does not answer this question. If you would like to ask a question please consult our faq for guidance. – whuber Sep 3 '13 at 16:12
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I think that what you actually want to do is to convert multipart polygons into singlepart polygons.

In ArcGIS it can be done using Multipart To Singlepart (Data Management) tool.

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In QGIS vector menu, you'll also find Multipart To Singlepart.

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You should specify option SINGLE_PART when running ArcGIS Dissolve tool.

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This is the best answer for preventing the problem when using ArcGIS. The Multipart To Singlepart tool (referenced by Marcin) is the best way to fix the issue after-the-fact. – user3461 Jun 21 '12 at 11:54

Another Less elegant option is to click the Explode button in Advanced Editing toolbar in Arcgis after selecting all features in Layer.

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As Alex said, there is an option/check box in Arcgis 9.3 Dissolve tool, - "Create multipart features", it is "checked" as default. Hope this will help you.

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