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In order to import/extract data from tons of DWG files, I'd like to know experiences with ArcGIS Data Interoperability, and its strong points versus FME or GeoKettle.

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Arcgis Data Interoperability Extension (ADIE) "is" FME.
That is to say. Esri has implemented the FME engine into their extension.
FME Desktop for ArcGIS is a product sold by Safe software which adds more functionality to ADIE and can be "extended" to ArcGIS.

Extended is a term that Safe Software uses to describe hooking or linking the software together.

My experience is that if you know the data well "dwg layer names, color assignments, object data, feature types/layers" you will be able to navigate and get some good usable data out with fme or the ADIE (easily).
If the data is much standardized I prefer to use Autocad map3d to export.
With it you can create epf files which pre-define the export parameters and allow a bit more (autocad type) selection tools. You can probably do most of that in fme desktop "if" you know a lot about the data in the dwg.

But for interactive data browsing and export creation I prefer Map3d.

Also note that FME desktop for ArcGIS can be "extended to AutoCad Map3d. So you can import/export any of the types available in fme desktop directly from autocad as you can in the interoperablity extension.

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Thank you very much for sharing your experience. The option of using Map3D could be interesting. – SonOfabox Jun 23 '12 at 8:07

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