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I want to find CRS in an added shape file. Ex. In Arc GIS if we go to Layer Properties and Source we can find embedded CRS to a layer.

How to find in QGIS, embedded CRS ia a layer/ Shape file???

I think i QGIS, if we move to Layer properties and General, it doesn't show extract CRS of layer.

Because I Added shape file with undefined CRS. In that case it shows EPSG:32244 - WGS 72 / UTM zone 44N. But I added undefined one????

I'm using qgis 1.7.4, System is Windows 7

How to find in QGIS, embedded CRS ia a layer/ Shape file???

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What you are seeing is the system defaulting to a global coordinate value without a Prj file to tell it what it should be defined as. Your best option is to create a Prj with what coordinate system and projection you want it to have.

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