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(its particularly for indian states,i need.....,but kindly quote if any other info you have) the raster data may also work for me in above aspects.

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For soils you might take a look at the Harmonized World Soil Database (1km pixel size), and for vegetation you might be able to use the MODIS land cover product (500m pixel size). I would recommend the ESA's Globcover product for vegetation (300m), but their site seems to be under maintenance.

As for water resources, I'm not familiar with any raster products for India.

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In case you haven't dealt with soil before, keep in mind: A 1KM-resolution global soil map from remote sensing data is going to be A) Probably in an entirely foreign classification scheme B) Of little utility anywhere there's even remotely complex topography due to the diverse patchworks of soil, which can vary widely on the scale of 10's of meters, and C) of questionable validity anywhere there's vegetation due to the complexity of remote sensing interpretation, probably only worthwhile for getting the soil type at the most general level – MappingTomorrow Jun 23 '12 at 19:31

I am assuming you that you want satellite data that can be used for classification.

Have you looked at the LISS-III & AWIFS data that is available from Bhuvan? This data can be downloaded at

If this isn't what you are looking for, please clarify your question. I know quite a lot of NRSC websites inside out, and might be able to help you better.

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